We are Open


Grace Community Bible Church
648 Knorr Street
Philadelphia, PA 19111


Sundays from 10:30 am-12 noon


Hello GCBC Family,

     As you think about returning to fellowship at GCBC, we want to encourage you to pray!  Pray that God will continue to guide the elders as we reopen, pray for God’s timing for your family’s personal return, pray for our church body to be safe, and pray for our connections to remain strong – whether we are in the building together or watching remotely.  We are one body in Christ, and as one body, whether you choose to return or stay home we are to “encourage one another and build up on another” (1 Thessalonians 5:11)  Our goal is to one day all be together again in our building, but the building is not the church – WE ARE!  Our goal is to continue to share God’s love with one another and those in our community.  So, as we move forward, please remember to check in on one another, pray for one another, and continue to be the body of Christ at GCBC!
Love and Prayers,

Pastor Shawn and Stacia